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Online Help

Simple Search

Choose a country from the drop-down menu, or:

  1. Click on the map to zoom in on a country (when the pointer becomes the plus sign "+") or zoom out (when the pointer becomes the minus sign "-").
  2. Or draw a rectangle to zoom in on a desired area.
  3. Click on the “i” icon inside a country to view available data.

Advanced Search

Geographical Limits

  1. Select a scale: continental, regional or national.
    For example, all of Africa, all of East Africa, or only Uganda...?
  2. Click on "add a line" to compare your choice with another.
    For example: North Africa with West Africa, or Uganda with Cameroon with Congo...

    HINT: Many users find it helpful to simply choose "The 10 showcased countries…"

  3. Result details

  4. If you wish, you can limit what totals will be displayed by checking one or a combination of options.
    For example, if you click national, only the national detailed results appear.

  5. Institution level, Institutional details, and Students' gender

  6. If you wish to look at a specific type or level of institution, you can limit the data displayed to primary schools, vocational, etc, or any combination of these. You can also limit your search to males or females.

    HINT: Many users find it helpful not to limit their search results at all and proceed directly to choosing indicators to compare, at the bottom of the page.

  7. Indicators to compare

  8. Choose the Category, Sub-Category, and Indicator you are interested in from the drop-down menus. You must select at least one category and sub category.
    Click on "add a line" to include different indicators in the same table
    For example, you could compare what are educators saying about the impact of ICT on teaching (indicator 5.1), with what managers are saying about its impact on school management (indicator 7.5).
  9. Click "Proceed" and the Observatory will produce a table with the parameters you have defined. You can then return to modify your search.

Summary search

On this page you can find a summary version of the data available for each participating institution and country. The map indicates the locations of the participating institutions within Africa. You can zoom in with the side bar. Running the arrow over the red pointers will make the institutions name appear, and clicking on the red pointers will also initiate the appearance of an information box on the chosen institution.

Zoom in directly on map, or click on the drop down menu to choose an institution or country. A box will pop up containing brief background information on the institution or country and a summary of how it has been integrating ICT in its policies and practices.

Clicking on the “More data…” link will take you to the chosen institution or country’s page.